The Style Siblings Introduction

Some of you may already know that I have been blogging for a while now, and that I work very closely with my co-partner (Donya-Patrice), who is also my sibling, styling and design partner.

We have decided to come together for a project called the ‘Style Siblings’.

The ‘Style Siblings’ is our new YouTube channel that showcases a more in-depth insight into our world as bloggers, designers and stylist. It’s a platform where we can share more of a visual into what we do, where we travel, how we do all of these things and why we do it. We will be covering anything from style tips, tutorials, trips, projects behind the scenes, interviews, reviews, fashion week reviews across the world and much more.

Stay tuned and follow our style adventure.

Check our introduction filmed/edited by (Nas Abraham) above followed by previous videos below.

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