Kronaby x The Style Siblings

Donya and I are now ambassadors of Swedish tech start-up Kronaby.

Kronaby has created a collection of watches that combine classic aesthetics with smartwatch features. Unlike your average smartwatch, Kronaby’s aim is to keep you connected but in a way that allows more time for the things that really matter, weather it be moments spent offline, with friends, family or when traveling. Their mission is to keep people away from smartphones and tablets so they can enjoy the offline moments whilst still being discreetly connected.


Heres how it works.

These are traditional style watches without a digital watch-face sporting bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphones/tablets via The Kronaby app (Available on the App Store and Google Play Store) 

The app allows you to assign a variety of filtered notifications to the watch with either 1, 2 or 3 vibrations which you can choose.

The crown button and top/bottom pushers can be assigned to the following.


The top and bottom pushers have a variety of 6 triggers which are:

  • Find my phone feature
  • Music control
  • Camera
  • Mute phone
  • Remember this spot (Location)
  • Walk me home feature


The crown button triggers feature's on the watch face like:

  • Daily hundred
  • Date
  • Timer

Another great feature is when I'm travelling the watch automatically switches to the countries timezone when connected to my phone.

Donya and I love our watches and wear them almost everyday.

We both super excited and looking forward to future app updates with possible new features.

Head over to to have a look at the full range and for more info.






Dumas Haddad



Concept/art direction:

The Style Siblings



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