Fresh Kicks

You can never go wrong with a pair of white trainers, no matter what year it is, they will always work.

For example, if you check out this minimal look I have put together you will notice that it is very clean and simple but one could say it also has a touch of volume and shape to it. Adding a pair of all white vans with no socks now makes my ensemble pop. By adding these sneakers I feel like it brings a whole new level of freshness to the look which is why I went for them.

Typically I would have gone for a classic chino with a shirt but that would have been too easy. I stick by my word when I said I wanted to evolve my personal style so I decided to go for a long sleeveless hooded top with a lightweight cropped trouser to give a more modern casual vibe.

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Dumas Haddad




• White Sneakers by Vans for

• Sleeveless Hooded Top by Y-3

• Eyewear by Yohji Yamamoto