Pink Fresh Couture

Ever had a fragrance bottle this quirky?

I usually spend time going around department stores trying out new fragrances to broaden my collection. However, I came across Pink Fresh Couture as I was introduced to it at an event held by aspects beauty. 

So I finally got my hands on a fabulous bottle and I was extremely excited but not surprised by the level of creativity.

It's the type of bottle that you just want to keep even when the fragrance has finished. To it's like a small work of art that is accessible to everyone.

The perfume design ‘cleaning spray’ has the Jeremy Scott stamp all over it, I feel you get a little snippet of the Moschino Jeremy Scott experience when you smell the fragrance.  

When testing it out, I love how light and floral the scent is, it's not too over powering and lasts for hours on the skin which is great right?

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Donya-Patrice Campbell


Martell Campbell