Happy Plugs

I was super excited to test out the Swedish wireless headphones - Happy Plugs. The first thing I noticed was the collection of earbud headphones come in a rainbow of colours to match your outfits which is amazing, perfect for someone like myself.

However I've always wanted to try out wireless style headphones, so I went for their wireless earpiece in black with gold detailing. 

The earpiece to phone connection is very sharp sporting bluetooth technology. When connected you get a little voice notification via the earpiece stating that you are connected which is quite satisfying. 

A very fashionable necklace type headphones which you can clip together safely around your neck so you don’t lose it them. I find this very convenient as they blend in like a fashion accessory

I styled my Happy Plugs with one of my looks since it has a sports luxe/minimal vibe to it which compliments the sleek design of these wireless headphones.

The sound is great and you get a choice of two extra changeable ear tips which is very handy as I usually struggle with ear tips that fit but these tips fit very well.

To find out more info please click the lnik: https://happyplugs.com/product-category/headphones/earpiece/