Bioderma Sebium Global Cover

I was introduced to Bioderma Laboratories Dermatologique after testing out so many other products whilst feeling unsure about what suits and what is actually working for me. I wanted to test out for a solid amount of time to see exactly how the product worked.
So this particular product is the Sebum Global Cover which conceals and eliminates spots, its an instant concealer which acts on acne prone and oily skin.
This is ideal for someone like myself as I have sensitive skin and the only way to see if this product works for me is to try it out. 
The first thing I noticed about the tube was the first section has the tinted fluid inside then incorporated in the cap I spotted a green corrector and a mirror to apply the product which I found very useful and handy. 

Bioderma offers a range of products for oily & acne prone skin and to be very honest, this worked perfectly for me. I felt like I was a suitable candidate since my skin has been really oily recently which lead to what I call an uncontrollable breakout. 
Trialing out this product for a few weeks, I did see improvement with my skin. My acne has began to fade and my skin is not as oily as it was. 12hr wear with a matt finish, its an instant concealer so works very well when I’m out on a long day. So far so good, I would definitely recommend this product for those of you who are prone to acne.

Just to give you bit more information in addition to the patented combination (Fluidactiv TM + Bakuchiol) that prevents the formation of new blemishes, Sébium Global Cover also acts on existing spots and blackheads and lightens their marks.
Salicylic acid and AHA esters smooth the skin texture and unblocks pores while enoxolone soothes and reduces redness. Zinc gluconate purifies the epidermis and regulates shine Glycerin hydrates the skin and guarantees cutaneous comfort.

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