With festival season approaching we have got a lot of good festivals to look forward too in the UK and overseas.
Good acts, good food, good people and just straight up VIBES. 

Which brings me to Bestival, the one and only festival I've been too. Yes you read right, Bestival last year was my 1st festival and since then I now want to check out others since having a taste. I just speak for myself when I say this as Donya has been to one or two. 
So I would like to just quickly review the Bestival which I attended last year as I feel it was quite an experience to be able to check it out. 

I was invited to go along with River Island and a bunch of influencers to enjoy Bestival and also promoting their latest collab which featured some cool festival water. Head over to our site to see more. 

So Bestival had a wide selection of acts from around the world covering a wide range of music like garage, drum& bass, House, RnB Hi hop, indie pop, and rock. Artists/acts like Dizzy Rascal, A Tribe Called Quest, Reggie Snow, Wiley, Heartless crew, Soul to Soul and more. 
There were loads tents and areas that had dj's with bars or smaller stages for up-and-coming acts. Many fun spots included Hip hop Kareokee and cafes that selling beers and herbal tea to warm up as it was a little chilly during this time of year. The Food was amazing as it was spread over a wide verity from fish and chips, to jerk chicken, toasties and much more. The atmosphere was warming and very energetic with like-minded party people strictly there for a good time.

There were camping facilities and hotels nearby as I found out when doing my research on the area which was Wareham. We stayed in a big multiroom apartment called Holmegate House which was about 10mins away from the festival grounds and 20mins away from the station which was great. I heavily recommend Holmegate House if your not a camping kind of person and you are going with a big group.

With the festival season shortly arriving once again, its time to get on your wellies and party vibes ready as there are some great acts and vibes to be consumed.

Good acts, good food, good people and just straight up VIBES. 


Martell Campbell


Donya-Patrice Campbell