the BEOPLAY H9i's

the h9i’s are top of the range over-ear wireless active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones.

We both have a love for tech and literally don’t go any were without our headphones. We both own the H7s for a few years now an we were pretty confident that they were unmatched in being the ultimate all rounder, which was how we felt until we were presented with B&O's latest, the Beoplay H9i's.

Lets start with the design, as thats really why we are here. I mean, we love great sound and other aspects of the H9i's but the design is what stood out to us instantly as we both like to wear things in style. They don't call us the The Style Siblings for nothing. The design has an overall premium look and finish which is perfect for those looking for a more stylish option. It features a sleek yet responsive aluminium touch interface, replaceable leather memory foam over-ear cushions which are comfortable as hell especially for those who have ear-piercings and wear eyewear. These cup the ear perfectly for you to enjoy. We both have them in black but they are also available in B&O's iconic natural colour option.

So to make things clear, the h9i's are top of the range over-ear wireless active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. The H9i's produce amazing sound which you WILL hugely appreciate, especially when coming from the wired headphones that come with your smartphone.The sound quality is sharp and clear, not the loudest but loud enough for noisy train rides on commutes in London but things get even better with the active noise cancellation (ANC) is switched on so you can fully zone out and fully immerse yourself. Other stand out features are: its 18 - 24 hours of battery life which we have tested us is truly long lasting. Transparency mode, which lets you hear your surroundings with one touch so you don't have to take your headphone off. And finally the proximity sensor, the headphones automatically pause when you take them off. We love this feature as its very useful in so many ways and saves battery when you forget to switch them off.

As Beoplay fans we believe the h9i's are the perfect option for great sound with great style as they are arguably the best looking and the most comfortable over-ear wireless headphones on the market. We highly recommend.

rating/ - 9/10


Martell & Donya-Patrice Campbell


Martell & Donya-Patrice Campbell