Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal is one of Jean Paul Gaultier newest fragrances. I love the name and the quirky bottle design with the legs which sits at the top of the lid cap. It gives the bottle very feminine look and adds a sexy element to it. I couldn’t help myself so had to do a quick review and some creative looking shots to show you guys.

The fragrance is powdery pink in colour in a very sleek bottle with a scent that smells somewhat reminiscent and signature to Gaultier fragrances, you'll know what I mean once you've tried it. This fragrance has an elegant aura and some describe as more than a breath of fresh air but a breath of freedom. For me,  it's simple but sweet with a slight note of honey which makes a perfect daytime fragrance that enjoying wearing and placing on my dressing table as the design is amazing.

The fragrance comes in three sizes 30ml, 50ml, and 80ml, the cost ranges from £46 - £86 which is to me is on the reasonable price side for fragrances.

I recommend you go check it out at your nearest perfumery


Donya-Patrice Campbell


Martell Campbell



a scent that smells somewhat reminiscent and signature to Gaultier fragrances,