We had the pleasure of sampling delicious brownies by Kute.

They launched their newest line, a range of artisan brownie boxes £24.00 for a box of eight. 

They looked absolutely incredible, the presentation form the box to the actual treats looked amazing. We were so tempted to eat them before taking pics but this is only because they were so deliciously tempting lol.

Kute was founded by entrepreneur, Iram Chaudhry in  East London - 2015. They make a range or brownies and cupcakes in around nine flavours which include classic Red Velvet,  Vanilla and Chocolate but also more inventive delectations such as Mango, Banana Hazelnut and Amarena Cherry.

Whilst completing her PhD in Microbiology at Uni Iram fainted, not realising she was five months pregnant! Iram says, “the first time I saw my baby I thought, oh so cute! My daughter came into this world bringing bundles of joy and she never wanted to leave her side, and so her passion for baking and experimenting in her kitchen turned into serious culinary experiments”.

Iram decided to take her research and turn it into creating the tastiest cupcakes, she spent time testing every brand of flour and flavour combination, to create the lightest, most delicious cupcakes with a handful of natural ingredients. you can even request for your cakes to be made gluten free which makes the experience more personal to your taste. 

These brownies seriously blew us away the flavours are incredibly rich and tasty. With every ingredient made from natural products/flavourings, we say they're worth every penny.

You can order your choice of cakes and have them delivered to your door check out the website here. https://www.kutecake.co.uk/



Martell & Donya-Patrice Campbell


Martell & Donya-Patrice Campbell



These brownies seriously blew us away the flavours are incredibly rich and tasty